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About Customer - Apelby Communications

Apelby Communications is telecommunications service with retail and wholesale activities established in 2005. Apelby’s retail department offers complex Telco services to enterprises, small organizations, home offices and residential customers.

Typical customer is an international trading company with high need for long distance calls. With its PoPs in Frankfurt, London and Prague Apelby Communications joined international carrier-to-carrier business in 2006 with focus on niche telecommunications markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Customer Needs, Our Solution and Results

In 2008, customer decided to significantly increase business in international carrier-to-carrier services. In the middle of the year, contract between was signed to provide Switch Partitioning service in Ancotel Telehaus. Project was very successful and each year the capacity was doubled.

In 2010, Customer required to add another technology enhancement – Voice over IP(VoIP) namely SIP and H 323. In cooperation with IT technology suppliers from UK, Germany and the Czech Republic, Switch Partitioning service with VoIP functionalities were launched.

In 2012, Customer decided to buy another service from MEGS – Trading Floor. It allows to them to increase effectiveness of trading minutes on our platform with 100+ partners all around the globe. Furthermore, the rest of offered outsourcing services are being used: Provisioning, Routing, Revenue Assurance, Billing and CDR Management. Customer has created very specialize team of sales, business development and sales support staff to be more effective. All other activities are outsourced by MEGS, now.

Since starting cooperation with MEGS in 2008, Apelby Communications has reached:

  • Annual growth in traffic of 70%
  • Revenue CAGR 100%
  • Doubled interconnected partners each year

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